Monday, May 24, 2010

Clerk Fail

So I'm at our local Science Fiction/Fantasy Bookstore, and I'm asking the clerk about when a book is coming out, and in the course of the conversation he utters these words:

I don't really like SF that much. I don't really read.

I suppose it's possible that the owner is scraping the bottom of the barrel on clerks here, but still.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Amazon WTF of the Day

I was going to to check something and on the front page, saw some really weird recommendations (given that my Amazon ordering and lookup history is pretty much square and vanilla). Then I realized that they were due to me putting something into my Cart for pre-order:

Really?  People who like Max Headroom want to order "Sleazy Stags from Dad's Secret Stash"???

Is this a small-sample-size effect or are people who like groundbreaking SF TV from the 1980s simply into bad porn?  (Don't answer that.)  Or is some search term I actually don't want to know getting hits on "Headroom"?