Monday, April 23, 2007

Why Do We Keep Calling it the Iraq "War"?

Why do we call it the Iraq "War" still?

It's not a war. War is armies fighting armies. This is our Army (and Marines, and National Guard) fighting insurgents in a country whose armed forces we defeated and then disbanded. A country we conquered.

And of course, we know it's not a War because its Mission was Accomplished:

We need to call this what it is: the Iraq Occupation.

Air Conditioners: an underappreciated goad to exercise

It's 80 degrees Fahrenheit at 11:48 am.

I'm lugging my office A/C unit up three flights of stairs. I'm wheezing badly.

I am horribly out of shape.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lee Iacocca Opens a Can of Whup-Ass

Lee Iacocca has a new book, and man is he pissed. Here's a scathing excerpt. Worth reading, to remind you of when Republicans were actually based in reality....

(Via Scalzi.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Matryoshka Doll Packaging

So we ordered a glass-fronted bread box from Williams-Sonoma. (We had had a stainless-steel one, but when it was closed it just looked like another appliance and we'd always forget we had bread in there. Stupid perceptual systems.)

It came today, in a box that seemed a bit large. I sliced it open with a box-cutter, put the box cutter away, opened the box, and found

Another corrugated cardboard box, surrounded by foam packing peanuts. I grumbled, got the box cutter out again, spent three minutes trying to get the inner box out of the pool of peanuts without spreading the foam peanuts all over the kitchen, finally got it out, sliced it open, and opened the second box to find
A third corrugated cardboard box, surrounded by large-bubble bubble wrap. Once this was out, I used the box cutter again (having learned my lesson and keeping it out of the tool drawer) and found
The display box (which you'd see at the store, I guess), nestled perfectly inside the third corrugated cardboard box. Pulling this out was difficult because it fit so perfectly that there was actually an audible hiss and then pop as I finally got it out. Opening that box (which required two cardboard tabs and several flaps) showed me
A plastic bag wrapped around -- finally --
The f***ing bread box.