Friday, February 03, 2006

NTP Considered as Indicator of Generational Shift

In David and Lisa (the 1962 black-and-white version, not the 1998 Oprah TV version), David and Lisa are well-off white teenagers in a mental institution of some kind.

The way they demonstrate that David (Keir Dullea) is disturbed is by having him be really twitchy about knowing the exact time. There's a scene where he raves on and on about how wonderful it would be if everyone had a watch that could synchronize itself somehow to a central clock, and everyone would know the correct time....

My response is "and this is a problem why...?"

This is especially ironic these days, since almost everyone's cell phone synchronizes its own clock with the cell network -- and cell phones (amongst other things) are driving a decline in watch sales.

Moral: one generation's neurosis is another generation's basic expectation.

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