Thursday, May 04, 2006

George Lucas finally comes to his senses

Lucasfilm is finally releasing the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD.

Now if only we could get him to "digitally remaster" the prequel trilogy into something watchable.


Hyperlexic said...

So I had an interesting revisionist moment a few weeks ago. I was visiting a coworker's house (for a poker game) and her extremely smart 7 year old son came into the room and proceeded to demonstrate a stunning level of knowledge of all things star wars, with a lot of focus on the prequels. It suddenly occurred to me that (duh) from the perspective a smart 7 year old THEY'RE GREAT MOVIES!!!

I mean, how is he to know that adults don't normally say things like "Hold me Anakin! Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo!"

rantingnerd said...


To quote an old rant of mine:

I'm quite sure I could never explain why one movie director was better than another, but it's remarkably easy to point out symptoms of good and bad directors. For instance, George Lucas vs. Steven Soderbergh.

George Lucas managed to make Natalie Portman unattractive, Samuel L. Jackson bland, and Ewan McGregor boring. All in one movie. (Actually, in three movies in a row.)

Steven Soderbergh managed to get Andie MacDowell to be attractive and interesting (in Sex, Lies, and Videotape), and got Jennifer Lopez to actually act (in Out of Sight).

I rest my case.