Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Damn you, Scalzi!

One, for this online game (which I found via Scalzi's "By the Way" blog). Possibly the best use of Flash ever.

WARNING: this is highly addictive. I wasted spent way too much time today on level 11.

Two, for making me (yes, making me, with the mighty power of his blogging!) pre-order The Android's Dream twice. I hadn't realized I'd already pre-ordered it the second time I went to pre-order it, so I ended up with two copies. If I enjoy it as much as the other ones he's written, I'll probably be sending one of them to someone I like as a Christmas gift. (If I don't enjoy it, I'll send it to someone I dislike.)


Anonymous said...

1) Great game, thanks for making me late for a meeting.

2) Uh, I like Scalzi (hint).

rantingnerd said...

But what if I send you the book without telling you whether I liked it or not? <grin>