Saturday, June 02, 2007

Today's Moment of Self-Reflexivity

I was reading Michael Bérubé's latest post at Crooked Timber, and he made reference (semi-ironic as is his wont) to a Bourdieu Chart. I wasn't familiar with that term, and went and google'd it -- and the first thing that came up was Michael Bérubé's latest post at Crooked Timber.

Perhaps Google should replace one or both of its "o"s with ourobouroses. (Ouroubouri? Ourobouropodes?)

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W said...

And people wonder why I use Yahoo! to search the web.

Zetetical for example gets a look like I am about to drown kittens when I do not use Google for search, news, stock quotes, e-mail, medical advice, and spiritual guidance.