Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Are Democrats So Lame, #1319: Torture Edition

Via Making Light and Carpetbagger Report, an Air Force interrogator smacks down the idea that torture can work in a "ticking bomb" situation.

Why isn't the Democratic response to these chickenhawks simply this?

  • Torture doesn't work.
  • Torture is immoral. There's no room for relativism here.
  • Torture puts our troops at risk. If we torture, we pretty much guarantee that our troops will be tortured. If you're pro-torture, you're against the troops.

This seems obvious to me. Am I missing something?


Kevin Lyda said...

Battered wife syndrome.

rantingnerd said...

I think it's more Battered Nerd Syndrome.

"Don't pants me in front of gym class! Look, I'll pants myself! I'll give myself a swirly! Now will you be nice to, not the wedgie/noogie combo!"

The Republican Slime Machine is going to go after all the Democrats anyway, so they might as well do something useful.

Kevin Lyda said...

Like redirecting a space laser to explode a house with popcorn?

That's only in the movies dude. ;^)

rantingnerd said...

I was thinking more like ending the Occupation of Iraq. Knowing the Democrats, they'd give the space laser to Rudy Giuliani.