Tuesday, September 09, 2008

But She's a "Hockey Mom"!

So Sarah Palin is a racist and a sexist meanie.

Projected effect on the presidential race: zero.

(McCain making an incredibly nasty joke about Chelsea Clinton or laughing when a supporter refers to Hilary Clinton as "the bitch", hasn't seemed to hurt him. And Lynn Westmoreland [of "I can't name more than two of the 10 Commandments but I want to post them everywhere" fame] called Obama "uppity" on the record. So I'm not sanguine about any of this doing anything other than motivating the troglodyte Right.)


Kevin said...

At this point even Republicans all know it's full of shit, but they don't care. It pisses off liberals! And that's really all they care about.

rantingnerd said...

Well, it's certainly a distracting factor.

See also Scalzi.

stlbanjo said...

From what I have read, Palin demands absolute loyalty from her appointees and sees any wavering from her vision as disloyalty. She gets this loyalty by removing people who have held and been productive in posts and appointing folks who do not know what they are doing and owe their jobs directly to her. No change at all from our current regime.

rantingnerd said...

You sound like you haven't sworn loyalty to Our Great Leader, Mr. 28%. Why do you hate America?