Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pointy-Haired-Boss-ism of the Day

ME: "We can't do what you're asking with the current technology. In order to do what you're asking for, we'd have to invest a large amount of time. Please explain why you need it in order to justify the amount of work that would be involved."

PHB: "Here is my .02 on what we need to get working to release our project on schedule. I'd like to propose that we make this work now so that testing may be completed."

(That's a direct quote from the PHB, by the way.)


Kevin said...

You work for Sarah Palin?

rantingnerd said...

Couldn't be Sarah Palin -- there was no winking.

Actually, my boss and bosses up the tree are all pretty good. This was a manager in a different department.

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