Friday, May 08, 2009

Anyone Want a Michael Whelan Book?

Anyone local (near me) want a slightly cat-chewed version of The Art of Michael Whelan? (The cat-chewing is on the top of the spine; the contents are fine.) For some reason I've had two copies of this for years.


kristin said...

If you're trying to get rid of it quickly, then no. But if it's the sort of thing you could pack away somewhere until I become local in July, I'll take it. I don't actually know his work, but I did some poking around, and it looks like the sort of thing that could give me ideas.

No worries at all if you'd rather take it to a used book store or something and get rid of it NOW. :o)

rantingnerd said...

I think we can find a place for it till July. :-)

Anonymous said...

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