Friday, November 27, 2009

This Explains So Much

Almost every building I hate in Cambridge (and some across the Charles River) turns out to have been designed by Sert.

This includes the Holyoke Center and Science Center at Harvard, BU Law School, and Peabody Terrace.

It's appalling how much of the horrible architecture around here can be laid at the feet of one architect.


kristin said...

"It's appalling how much of the horrible _____ around here can be laid at the feet of one _____."


(Your post about Sert reminded me of the Bush administration. Which led me to wonder how many variations there could be on your statement. ^_^)

I look at Peabody Terrace almost every day and wonder what the hell someone was thinking. Now I know who the someone is!

rantingnerd said...

When I got the email followup showing your comment, I suddenly wondered just which words I'd used in those blanks (how bad did I swear?). :-)

Peabody Terrace is one of the nastiest pieces of architecture I've ever had the misfortune to observe. At least I never lived there (unlike some friends of mine).

Anonymous said...
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