Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Favorite Blog

New Favorite Blog: You Are Not So Smart, "a blog devoted to self delusion and irrational thinking."

Especially The Just World Fallacy, which explains a lot about certain political types, and The Duchenne Smile, just 'cause it's neat.


Raven said...

Dude, this is oddly coincidental. I *just* discovered the other day, and began following David McRaney on Twitter. His handle is @davidmcraney and there's one for the blog itself at @NotSoSmartBlog, although you don't do Twitter, right?

rantingnerd said...

No, I do not do Twitter.

rantingnerd said...

Dammit, Blogger ate my "Cue Twilight Zone theme" and won't let me do the left-and-right-angle-brackets in < and > form.