Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just How Crazy Do You Have to Be...? get the American Conservative magzine to call bullshit on you?

Apparently, you have to be Rudy Giuliani crazy.

(And everyone in and related to New York City starts to slowly let out the breath they only now realize they've been holding ever since Rudy started running for President, now that the country is beginning to realize how bugfuck insane Giuliani is.)

(Hat tip to The Rude Pundit.)


Kevin Lyda said...

To be fair to Rudy, isn't being batshit insane a key requirement this cycle for the GOP?

rantingnerd said...

Arguably it's necessary but not sufficient. (Huckabee is scaring the business conservatives shitless.)

On the other hand, the Republicans are whittling their party down to the insane base...does that mean that being batshit insane is more and more a requirement (for those who remain) or that it's clearly alienating a lot of people, and therefore it's not a requirement?