Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nice Political Ad

Apparently, this ad (PDF) is being run in 10 Iowa papers.


colorwheel said...


Kevin Lyda said...

I live in an area with universal health care. Are there problems? Sure. But those problems are well publicised and open for vigorous public debate. In the meantime I can choose my doctors, don't fear bankruptcy due to medical issues and while I pay less than I did in Boston, more of the money I do pay goes towards medical care.

Sadly to gain this I had to move to Ireland. A nation which only gained its independence 80 years ago and had huge economic problems for much of its first 60 years. Yet somehow they managed to build a health service that provides better care (in terms of outcomes at least) for less money per capita.

And yet in the largest economic superpower on the planet, tens of millions lack health care. And thousands with healthcare are forced into bankruptcy every year.

Seems like something we should fix.

rantingnerd said...

Rant much, Kevin? :-_

rantingnerd said...

Of course, I can't manage to do a smiley face correctly. I blame our health care system.

Raven said...

Excellent - you've been on a role, please keep the posts and links coming.