Tuesday, January 08, 2008

F, it's Warm

It's 64° F here. In January. Less than a week ago, it was 6° F

Next up: rains of frogs.

In other climate news, Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby this past weekend continued his streak of being a schmuck by basically saying "it's cold! This disproves global warming!" This is the sort of breathtakingly inane, willfully ignorant, and most of all cliché statement that should automatically trigger derisive laughter. Others in this category include "I'm not          ist -- some of my best friends are         ", "gay marriage undermines heterosexual marriage", and "I went to college in Boston" to faux-humbly obscure that one went to Harvard.


W said...


rantingnerd said...

Don't you know that's because John McCain won so many Republican primaries yesterday?

Mike Huckabee's god is very angry.