Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jane Austen, Vampire Slayer?

We got our monthly PBS Home Video catalog a day or two ago. It's got Jane Austen all over it, since PBS is showing all the various Jane Austen movies/miniseries this month. On the cover is a truly creepy picture from the cover of the Persuasion DVD:


It's a little less obvious in this digital picture, but the catalog cover version makes the woman (presumably Anne Elliot) look like a vampire from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. It's fairly spooky.

Now, let's see, where was the Slayer while Jane Austen was writing? A Buffy/Jane Austen mashup sounds like it'd be fun...but clearly I am not the only one with this idea, as this google search nets 63,000 hits.


colorwheel said...

oh swoonies. i've been waiting months for this persuasion to be on, and now it's a matter of DAYS.


rantingnerd said...

We watched the Jane Eyre adaptation. It wasn't very good, and in fact we fast-forwarded through a lot of it.

colorwheel said...

oh, but bronte is entirely different. i'm looking forward to the four new austens because of the smashing good quality of the two old ones (P&P and emma).

rantingnerd said...

True. But a good Wuthering Heights is always a good thing. :-)