Monday, June 16, 2008

"Straight Talking" John McCain Called His Wife a C***

Possibly the best political video so far this season.

(I knew he'd done this, but this is far more effective than reading about it. And it's funny! NSFW, but funny!)

(Even funnier, YouTube put a John McCain 2008 ad on the page!)


Aram said...

He has an edgy comedy style. Totally legit delivery.

rantingnerd said...

So that rictus grin is just part of the gag? I did not know that.

(I also didn't know that The Daily Show covered this topic last week -- due to the Wonders of TiVo(TM), I'm behind on my Daily Shows.)

W said...

He also compared her to a trollop. How is that not worse than using the "C-word"?

rantingnerd said...

But "trollop" is a 50-cent word, unlike "slut" or "whore". (Which, given that she's got the money in the marriage, might more accurately describe him.)

Wait -- doesn't that make him an "elitist", using fancy-pants words like "trollop"??

The C-word is not nasty due to its denotation, though -- it's nasty due to it being nasty, as near as I can tell.

Olive said...

You write very well.