Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unclear on the Concept

So the Pew Research Center has released their Religious Beliefs & Practices / Social & Political Views: Report 2, titled

Religion in America: Non-Dogmatic, Diverse and Politically Relevant

The thing that's getting headlines is that 57% of Evangelical Christians say that their denomination isn't the One True Path To Heaven.

But the real head-scratching "Hunh?" moment is in the third table, where it lists who believes in a Personal God, an Impersonal Force, and "Other/Don't Know", for a bunch of different groups. These three sets of believers are combined into the "NET Believe in God" column.

The "Atheist" row has 21% "NET Believe in God": 6% believe in a Personal God, 12% in "Impersonal Force", and 3% "Other/Don't Know".

Um. Uh.... People? Just what do you think "atheist" means, anyway? Maybe they thought it meant "eighth-iest"?

Credit goes to my boss for pointing me at this.

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