Saturday, March 21, 2009

Further Thoughts on the Battlestar Galactica Finale

Here are a bunch of thoughts on the Battlestar Galactica Series Finale. They are not particularly well ordered.

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So this really seemed to call come down to "God did it". And angels? Really?

Somewhat ironically, this is quite a bit closer to the original Glen A. Larson Battlestar Galactica than any of the rest of the show. (Both the Mormonism and the plot. Wasn't there an episode of the original series with angels?) Larson may be smiling.

At least the Baltar-in-Caprica-Six's head showed up again.

I do wish they'd explained how Baltar survived the nuclear explosion in the miniseries (which clearly killed the original Caprica Six -- she downloaded from it in "Downloaded", the late-second-season episode where Baltar-in-Caprica-Six's head first -- and last -- showed up). Was he resurrected the way that Kara was?

Tell me again why Hera was so important? Because she seemed more like a walking Plot Device than anything else here.

Why were Laura and Sharon/Athena kept out of the bridge for the climactic "can't we break the cycle" scene? Okay, I guess Sharon/Athena probably would have blown Cavil's head off, but it seemed like they just needed to recreate a hallucination that was originally set up 1.5 seasons ago.

I'm so sick of SF that ends up with "and that planet became our Earth". Resounding cliché alert!.

It was 150,000 years ago? Really? That's just dumb. 50,000 would fit better insofar as the colonists were anatomically modern humans.

If Hera was Mitochondrial Eve, then that means that the indiginous populations died out, or were killed off. Nothing sinister there.

What are we now supposed to make of the shot at the end of Season 3 (after Starbuck re-appears) where they show us Earth -- our Earth, with North America clearly visible? I am fairly certain that Ron Moore stated clearly that the Earth there was really our Earth. I suppose he could wiggle out by saying that the Earth that they found at the end of the first half of Season 4, the 13th-tribe Earth, was not Our Earth, and not what they showed us at the end of the Season 3 finale.

And WTF: Saul Tigh saying to Galen (Tyrol) "If anyone had done that to Ellen, I'd have done the same"? Really? (a) wouldn't this means that Saul should kill himself? (b) Galen looked ready to space Callie retroactively when he found out that Callie's kid wasn't his.

Tori deserved better. I totally understand why she killed Callie. It was evil, but I totally understand it.

Daniel. Why even bring him up? Other than to explain the gap between Six and Eight? To show how evil Cavil was? We knew that. I felt like that was a huge loose plot thread that they planted and didn't pay off.

Kara's Dad wasn't Daniel? Then WTF?

Kara just vanishes into thin air?

"God did it." Totally frackingfucking weak.


Aram said...

If you want to bring up plot and characters, the whole series was this weak, it was just in the context of a meodramatic drunken military romp. When you take away someone frakin' about the nuke/punch out/whatever the characters, it's just hard to make it stand up. I thought it was cute, but could have done with 15 minutes less BS also.

rantingnerd said...

So 15 minutes of just "G", not "BSG"?

Aram said...

Yeah, take out the BS and it's just BS.

Morgarate Lee said...

Yes, it's okay for RSS. cocktail barman hire